Salclear e-drops (ear drops) is an innovative ear dewatering aid for swimmers, scuba divers, triathletes and other watersports enthusiasts.

It is an effective aid to combat trapped water in the outer ear that often leads to discomfort and recurring ear infections

Salclear is a brand name synonymous with leading edge antifog, antimist, or defog technology for eyewear.

We are THE leading UK producer of proprietary antifog products for the sports world; and our individual range of products are formulated and produced by our own chemical technologists in order to provide cutting edge performance for scuba diving and swimming.

Salclear also produces it's own branded formulations of wetsuit detergents, mask preparation fluids, mask and goggle defogs for swimming pools and underwater photographic aids.

Salclear e-drops is one of the three personal care products that we produce for the sports or professional diver:

Salclear Stingsolve - jellyfish sting remedy

Salclear e drops - ear dewatering aid

Salclear Sinazo - sinus clearing spray



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ear drops for swimmers and watersports
....use Salclear e-drops ear drops regularly before and after watersports activities to eliminate trapped water in the outer ear canal, and reduce the chances of discomfort and ear infection.